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July 2020


Basilicata is an hidden and underrated region in Southern Italy.

The most known city there is Matera, a Unesco protected site. But also a wonderful town made of "Sassi" Materani, rock formations that were transformed in houses and buildings.

I just loved it!

The Roadtrip continues:

Basilicata is an hidden gem in the south, the regions has so many beautiful places and views, almost a melancholic scenery at times!

Our amazing(to say the least) house was situated in the center of Matera and it was really easy to get to the car and roam the rest of the region!

The whole regions offers so many great views and so much culture!

On our final days we got to see the south and the north of the region, which let me tell you, are completely different!

The south has more a desert scenery, less trees and more hot weather.

Instead the northern part offers more like a "Dolomites" vibe, check the photos below and try to guess which is from the northern part and which one is not!


The photo above the text shows Craco, an abandoned city that really impressed me with its story, I totally recommend you to stop by and see it for yourself, so weird to think that roughly 40 years ago people were living there without an idea of what was going to happen.

From north to south I couldn't recommend this region more, so nostalgic and lost in time, it's a real must!


The real protaginist: Matera

The city I've fallen in love instantly with?

No brainer, it's Matera.

This city is a real beauty and I really fell in love with it by walking around and exploring it, but not only that, I was so lucky to find the perfect place with the best view on the city, here's the link if you're curious

Some photos from Matera:

Not only a Unesco site but also the capital of the European culture in 2019, I can't recommend you this city enough!

What else?

Basilicata has many many places and sceneries that needs to be visited and explored, you can find them in the map here below:

As I told you, the best thing is to notice the clear geomorphic difference between the north and the south but mostly to experience the culture and the people there!

I'm sure you won't regret visiting this beautiful region!

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