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January 2018


For my 18th birthday,I decided to come back to one of the most beautiful and dope city in the world, yeah i'm talking about London.

I stayed in town for 4 days and I had a gorgeous Airbnb, I'm for real! It was amazing!

I truly recommend to visit this city at least once in a lifetime, London really gives you everything, freedom, peace, mess, traffic, nature, views..

Where I stayed

My apartment was around the Southwark district, an amazing and quite place to stay the night, and you have a near underground too! isn't it amazing?

The house Design was so on fleek!

I really enjoy my staying,

and the host was so kind!

if you want to see it click here

I'm sure you're gonna love this beautiful flat too!

-It's quite

-It has an amazing view

-It's new

City Of London

Why London?

So many people asked me why I did choose London as city to celebrate my 18th birthday..

In my opinion,London is Life, Chaos, Rain, it's a city where you can learn a lot of things, and I did!

For example, these are two people eating together at KFC, but the thing is that they didn't know each other!

I really felt happy when this scene happened, that means we can always learn something from the world that surround us,


This trip really saw me growing up,literally!

Around The Thames

The view from The Shard

I truly recommend you this place!

Book at sunset time to have an unforgettable moment up at 300 meters high! Click here!

Up here you can see the gorgeous view you have on the top!

Trip Overview

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