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August 2018


What a city.

Rome it was Fire guys.

All the vibe and the History the city has it's almost unbelievable, I fell in love with it right the second. 

The Eternal city has so much to offer, not only talking about places and spots, there are so many talented people you can meet up.

Where I stayed:

The hotel was MARVELOUS.

it has, honestly talking, one of the best views from an hotel in Rome so far, all this for a really decent price.

The hotel Is completely renovate and fresh new I have to say, HERE you can find all the info about it

The hotel Is in a really calm district and also near the city centre and the underground of Rome!

What do you wanna have more?


People and the City

I had such a fun experience in here!

I did meet some people too btw, had so much pleasure to go out and about with them.

Just click and go see their accounts!

Ancient meets Present

The Colosseum guys, is damn big!

I never seen it in real life before and I totally thought it was as tall as my Arena in Verona, but it's like two times that one!

Even if you can actually go into the building we decided to not go because of the long line and the hot weather (35 centigrade outside), even though I think the view from the inside worth the line.

The only thing is that you have to walk a lot to get into the centre of the city to see the typical Italian style.

Trastevere is in my opinion the most typical district of the Eternal city.

Trip Overview

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