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Momondo Asked me to talk about growing spiritually while traveling and yeah, I have something to say about that!

Scenery: Lofoten Islands

I was in Norway, Lofoten Islands specifically, a quite remote place to go, also that day we visited Kvalvika Beach, which was definitely one of the best places I've been there.

Kvalvika beach isn't an easy place to reach, especially during winter, it's pretty slippery and wet, we were . at least "lucky" that it had rained the days before and the snow on the path melted down.

Once arrived the place was unbelievably good, the only thing I noticed right away was some junk on the beach, there were some pieces of plastic and a lot of other things brought by the tide, I was really disappointed, from that time on I always try to avoid using plastic and I feel like I'm more respectful on that topic.

Let's save the Ocean!

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