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February 2019


The islands of freedom should I say?

This place is probably the most peaceful I've ever been, the silence sometimes was unbelievably strong, so beautiful!

The Weather:

Let's start by talking about the weather..

The weather is so moody that when we went to Kvalvika beach it started raining and then it stopped  probably around 10 -12 times

in 2 hours!

So if you're so lucky to visit this wonderful place one day, make sure to bring all sort of trousers you have, because in the "summer" you can find the snow, even when the light is permanent in June!

Isn't that crazy?

The Roads (in winter)

Another important point: Roads

The Roads are really easy to travel, although with the snow the thing become a little worse, but just a little, because the car rentals have all that you need to overcome this problem.

Indeed they'll give you for sure a tool to remove the ice of a frozen car and also all the cars has those special tires called Spike Tires, which will definitely help you a lot during those snowy days where the road is full of snow or frozen.

The Places

Places,So many Places.

These are islands where you can literally find unlimited spots and perspectives to take pics, but in my opinion the most beautiful part of them is the final part: i'm talking about from Ramberg to A i Lofoten, because the sceneries are just wonderful and wild.

The places you find here makes you want to explore more and more, make sure to be always safe tho! you only have an hospital in Svolvaer and 2 ambulances in the entire Islands!


The Hospitality

The people are great!

The locals in Lofoten are really lovely and kind with turists/travelers, we always felt like at home thanks to their hospitality!

A little info:

We know that people there lives in the Rorbuer/Rorbu, which are cabins that have different dimensions, but: what I'm sure you didn't know it's that almost everybody has a plug to charge electric cars like Teslas, I mean it's not a revolutionary thing to know, but it speaks a lot about the green mindset that this country has.

Our Home in Ballstad

The Experience Overall

I loved it.


The trip has been really funny and tiring also sometimes, but the need to explore takes over your body in these occasions, and I really love indeed exploring all the beaches and hills, mountains and villages here.


As every journey, this one changed me a little bit and refined my vision once more.

I warmly invite you to go on a trip and meet new people and discover their stories and their passions.

It's overwhelming, I mean at least for me, to find out new perspectives and visions other mines.

So thanks a lot to:

Our "Sweet but psycho" lover😂

Our Music Complainer 🔇

Our "Yo Sweet" Mascotte🔥

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