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My City

Verona, capital of love

Yep, my city is Verona, well I don't live there but i'm not so far away from the Romeo and Juliet's home.

Momondo asked us ambassadors to talk about our city and to recommend several places of it, well guys, now you're going to be given those info you need!

let's go!

Verona it's a wonderful city located in the west part of Veneto, you can also find it looking for the Garda lake, which is really near to the city!

I'm going to show you some spots you can't miss if you visit the city, here they are:

1st spot:

~🏛☀️~ _momondo asked us ambassadors to

The Arena:

Yeah I know right?

Maybe you already know this spot, but it's a "must" visiting Verona, the entrance is like 10€ but you go inside an History piece guys! and then you have a pretty good view from up there, I just can't recommend it more!

for more here is the website.

2nd spot:


Juliet's house

Do you remember the time Shakespeare wrote a story about two lovers from Verona?

Well, here as history recall us, Juliet once lived!

It's a special place, and also the walls that surround the arch to enter the house have signatures made from the couples that visit the place, this is the Lovers' place for sure!

3rd spot:


Saint Peter Castle

This castle is situated in the north of the city, crossing the river through a bridge.

You can go by foot(10 minutes walking, only stairs) or you can take the new Chair Lift, more info about that by clicking.

The view from there is just marvelous! 

It's for sure my favorite place to take people that are visiting the city!

By night also the city it's even more beautiful with all those lights!

4th spot:


Castelvecchio Bridge

This isn't a bridge, this is the BRIDGE!

This is a medieval bridge that is part of the fortress of Castelvecchio in the west of the city, it's an awesome place to visit also when the river is not high, so in the summer or when it rains poorly during winter, so you can walk in the drain part of the river(without gettin wet obviously) and take beautiful pics of it!

You can also visit the inside part of the fortress, just cross the bridge and entering the castle, for more info you can find an answer to any question directly here

5th spot:


Lamberti's Tower

This I think it's the tallest building in Verona, it was a noble tower built around the 15th century, it has a wonderful view from the highest point in town! 

It's located in Piazza Erbe, also a beautiful place to see but not sure if I would take a coffe there, the price it's like three or four times more than in a general caffetteria in Verona, so yeah little bit expensive!

Anyway the you can reach the top of the Tower by foot using the stairs, They also have the lift if you rather go straight to the top!

you choose!

Finally, the city is full of spots and hidden gems, so you'll be surprised in any way by its beauty, there are also a lot of shops in Via Mazzini if you're a shopping kinda person.

Have a nice stay!

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