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Nikin Clothing

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Today I'm going to Talk to you about Nikin, a great company with an even greater purpose, Combatting deforestation!

I had the pleasure to work with them and to try their products during my last trip to Algarve and Andalusia, it was awesome!

The products are flawless with an high quality feeling.


They have a really large catalogue of items you can buy, from organic cotton t-shirts to recycled cotton bags and so on, without forgetting about the aluminum bottles(definitely the best aluminum bottle I've ever tried!

Not only do they have a huge list of items to choose from, they're also planting trees for each item you buy!

Planting to stop deforestation is the main purpose of this amazing company! 


Nikin Fact: This Company is founded by Millennials born in the 90s, and has a young team working to support the reforestation of some areas on our planet!

I'm really happy to have had the honor to work with them and being able to tell their story and spread their "tree by tree" slogan!


You can have a 10% using this code: luca_castagnini10

Click the link below and help stop deforestation!

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