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Solo Journeys

Have you ever taken a solo Journey?

If you have never took one you're gonna get some tips!


Tip 1: Decide where to go

We have a lot of beautiful places here on earth, but in my opinion, not all of them are safe enough to go alone, so pay a lot of attention on that little big detail!

Tip 2: Find the best stay

Choose the best place for you to stay, I recommend you a shared Airbnb or a common Hostel, you can surely find one on Momondo!

Tip 3: Make new friends

I usually look for people that lives in the place where i'm going to travel, you can find them easily on Instagram or Facebook. I Personally love to meet new people when I travel!

Tip 4: Plan the trip carefully

Create a plan for your stay, I always make a list of what I want to see for each day, then sometimes happens that you find something that wasn't on the list but you can't miss, so make a list and have a FLEXIBLE one.

Tip 5: Have fun!

Enjoy the trip and discover the world!
If you're not so good with orientation Google maps can be really helpful!
I usually don't need a map because I remember almost everything about the city from the trip planning.
Try to do that too and let me know!
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