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Are you ready for the summer to start?

Here I'll talk about 3 different places that in my opinion are pretty amazing destination during summer! 

First Destination: Canary Islands

The place gives you both sun and wind, well, a lot of wind actually!

These islands are one of my favorites, I've been in Tenerife in the summer of 2017 and the weather was always great and sunny, with A LOT of wind.

Just wonderful!

Second Destination: Lofoten Islands

Lofoten are incredible, and I'd love to go back in the summer to see the slight differences in the scenery the islands offer!

If you go in the summer you'll find more people for sure, but the landscapes and view must be insanely good with those 24 hours of light!

Third Destination: Portugal 

I left my heart in this country!

I went to Lisbon in late summer 2018 and it was awesome! 

The weather is so good and the place is just wonderful!

There are also unbelievably beautiful coasts near the city you should visit!

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