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July 2017


Big Journey

I stayed in Puerto de la Cruz,the biggest city on the north side of the island(the humid side),I had an apartment in the centre of the city really close to the coast,I could just go out the door and be already watching the incredibly colored ocean.

Tenerife,land made of awesome and unlimited sceneries,I really do miss this place.

I leave from Milan on Sunday 16th of July,it was my first time on a plane for 4 hours straight, but it was worth it.

Puerto De la Cruz

Icod de Los Vinos

Millenary Tree
Moody Cat
S for Street
Red Friend

Garachico And Punta de Teno

Big Scenery
Green Desert
Ocean Moves
Desert Vibe
Lighthouse by the coast
Punta de Teno

Teide National Park & Masca

Masca Spotted
Teide Light
Only Way
Heaven Light

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Summary of the trip:

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