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July 2019

w/ @mattworldph

Algarve & Andalusia

Portugal is an amazing country that offers so many awesome places but also lovely and kind people.

I had a proof of that last year when I went to Lisbon.

This time I visited the Algarve region, and as I thought, the region is delightful and full of interesting little towns and coastlines.

The Tour:

We actually started off from Seville, which was our arrival airport,

then during the night we crossed the border and we drove to Lagos, which is a pretty cute town!

We visited and then we went to Sagres where we stayed the night.

Sagres is a lovely town too! It has many beaches around and also a lighthouse on the west side.

While roaming the west coast we stopped by this really beautiful town, which also has an amazing beach named after it not too far away!

After seeing almost every place on the west coast and near Lagos, we went towards the central part of Algarve, Between Albufeira and Portimão.

We spent two days there exploring different beaches and coasts around, then we came back to Spain and we went to Gibraltar, which was truly wonderful and it really seemed to be in the UK for some hours, because of the currency, little streets and also, the traffic.

The last day we stayed in Seville to visit the city and I was really surprised to discover that it's fairly Gorgeous!


The Weather and the ocean:

The weather in this region is generally windy,

But for example, in Sagres, we got many more clouds and humidity brought by the Atlantic Ocean than in Portimão, it definitely depends everything on the wind, that one day was so strong that it could've moved us with no problem ahaha

The Ocean was pretty wavy, especially on the west coast where it's open, it was mostly windy and misty but rarely sunny.

the other part instead, the more internal one towards the Mediterranean sea, was more calm and sunny.


Plus: Rock shoes

About that, Portugal has some beautiful coasts and beaches where you can swim and have fun, but I'd totally recommend you to bring with you some comfortable rock shoes,

I'm talking about these ones:


Hey Dude's shoes are not only comfortable, but also made from plastics and they're just the perfect companion during an exploration of the coastal area!

Check out their Collection and purposes of this fantastic company!


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