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Fishing Lodges

Today I'm here to talk to you about a really beautiful experience I had in Ballstad (Lofoten, Norway).

The Lodge was simply wonderful and completely restyled into new!

But not only that, but the place offers also the possibility to go out fishing which is a pretty awesome thing! (unless you're seasick like me, aha just kidding)

What I loved the most?

The living room, I mean, it's simply gorgeous and so aesthetic!

All the windows let that right amount of light coming into the house and the result it's awesome as you can see!

The Lodge also has 2 bedrooms with 3 very comfortable single beds in each one

Furthermore, it has a large kitchen with all you need: an oven, fridge, and even a dishwasher! but the sky's still the limit, right?


Lofoten's menu offers a lot of fresh fish, which also tastes really good!

I'm not really a fish lover, and I've never eaten "Bacalao" before,(the typical name for stockfish) , but I have to say that I really like how it tasted!

We also had the opportunity to drink 2 typical drinks

from the Lofoten, which were a raspberry juice and a currant juice, they were surprisingly good to me!

On the 21st and the 22nd we went fishing into the arctic ocean out Ballstad:

the first day the winds were pretty strong and the ocean was wavy and after trying and trying again to get some fish we came back to the bay

1st try:

Father and Son.jpg

2nd try:

The second day we went out at 8am and luckily the ocean was pretty calm, not totally though.

So my 3 adventure buddies gave it a try and were lucky enough to catch 4 fishes, the bigger one was caught by Fox, and it was around 10kg!

Proud Fisherman

Hemmingodden Lodges is not only the place you go to sleep in Ballstad at the end of the day, It represents the whole experience and history of the little town it lies.

I personally loved how we were treated and hosted, the owners really transmitted us the same amount passion they put on doing what they love: Fishing

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