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Road trips

In this new Momondo story we'll be talking about Road Trips!

If you have never gone on one, you should and better if you go with friends! 

but i'm not here only to say this:

it's tips time!

First Tip:

Create a path and put on a list the things you want to see and give those things a priority.

I always put a priority because sometimes unexpected events can pop up and slow down the trip

Second tip:

Google the places you decide to visit to have more info, sometimes they can't be reached with a car, even partially.

for example, to park closer to the 3 Cime di Lavaredo we had to pay a fee of 30€, which we didn't expected.

Third tip:

Pick the right car.

I know it seems pretty obvious but the right car can make a difference, in price and consumption.

I think that a Van seems so cool to drive around tho, I would probably choose one of those!

Fourth tip:

Find the right TravelMate,

Open minded and ready to go on an adventure!

In case you're photographer, you know that sometimes you'll find a nice spot while driving and you'll want to stop by to take some pics, so bring patient friends!

Fifth tip:

Packs everything in order and stay light!

but don't forget chargers and tool you need!

I usually create a list with all the things i have to bring with me so I do not forgot anything!

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